Anonymous asked: (same anon who said they didnt care): yes of course id go down on her.

the-unknown-brother asked: My gf has had a bush before and I never mind it at all. I still love her and as long as she's comfortable with it then I am too

That’s what’s important.

Anonymous asked: dont really care, as long as i can play with the pussy still.

Would you go down on her??

neva-everrr asked: honestly theese days it's so hard to find a bush, id have to find a girl that has one to have an opinion about it you know.. not into tho.. just no..

hey I wanna hear some guys’ opinions on when a girl has a bush


kai.hillebrand_frontboardpopout 2010 by TimKorbmacher on Flickr.

Ryan Spencer by Sam Muller on Flickr.
David Castells by paulinhoou on Flickr.

Nestor Judkins / FS Wallride / Berlin Germany / 2012